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The dissertation below along with formulas is way too deep for me.  The basic concept I get but much deeper than that are just words.  I have enough just getting thru life in this increasing complex world.

[   ] is really under the gun with "Irene" imminently coming.  I am concerned but there is little I can do about it – [   ] has problems with the relationships that are going on in her life -    or any other aspects of things going on in my life right now.  It seems like everyone has things to work thru and hoping that things turn out right.  Even those in loft places - Steve Jobs of Apple coming to the end of his life, Sears closing down 29 stores, HP probably selling off its PC division and going the way of IBM to selling software and services - so all have decisions to make, problems to solve.



     I WROTE


There was a time, long before equations were created, when humans could not make fire.   Civilization has brought us a long way.  It is still possible to imagine how difficult it was for the first humans to survive, because that instinct is alive today.  Since then we have competed for dominance, which implies command of humans, other animals, and natural resources. It means the ability to compel or impede action, requiring the exertion of force. And force requires energy.  Our  competitors  for dominance have a physical advantage, being able to direct their energy through large teeth and claws.  Humans have managed to survive and dominate through our ability to direct energy using our minds.

The human competitive advantage has increased with our accumulation of knowledge, which is transmitted through both oral and written records.  Along the way, we have developed not just history, facts and procedures, but the ability to make abstracts from observations, and the ability to improve these with reasoning.  We can think about thinking.  We can test whether our abstract reasoning is valid.  These improvements in our mental processes, often expressed in symbols which become equations, greatly magnify the power of our knowledge and extend the range of its application.

(Authors who write for publications aimed at the widest possible audience are advised to avoid equations, but I have included some.   I have also included verbal explanations. They have in common the story of how we use mental energy, amplified by knowledge, to release and direct the forms of energy that do work.)


Let's begin with Einstein's well known equation:  E=MC².
   where E=Energy
            C=the speed of light.
This says that matter, for instance a rock that contains uranium, is Energy.  It doesn't take much matter to provide lots of Energy.  How much?  Multiply its Mass by the speed of light (C) that is multiplied by itself (C²).  The speed of light:  186,282 miles (or 299 792 458 meters) per second! 

Not only is this equation a victory of mind over matter, it led to victory in the war with Japan.  Scientists who needed proof for this theory found it when the atomic bomb worked.  It shows how knowledge, like a Samurai sword, cuts in any direction.


                          If the radiance of a thousand suns
                          Were to burst at once into the sky
                          That would be like the splendor of the Mighty one...
                          I am become Death,
                          The Destroyer of Worlds.



For turning a profit, consider: M->C->(M+XM),
   where M= Money
             C= Commodity
             X= rate of increase
          XM= profit.
This says that money makes money.  How much?  The original amount (M) plus the profit on it (XM).  The original amount is increased by a percentage (X) called the rate of increase, yielding the profit (XM).  The whole thing begins and ends with money, and the commodity (C) doesn't really matter; it's just something that can be manipulated to increase its exchange value, which comes out to be (M+XM).

Once again, it's mind over matter.  It has led to accumulations of capital unimaginable at the dawn of Money, when C->M->C prevailed.  This shows how a simple change in emphasis changed the power of money.  When commodities are traded for commodities, with money as the intermediary, they emerge from the transaction unchanged.  After a transaction for profit, with a commodity as intermediary, money emerges with an incremental increase in its original amount.  The emphasis has changed from exchanging commodities to making money increase itself.

Getting a profit or a working atomic bomb requires both money and expertise.  Results vary.  When the bomb explodes, everything disappears.  When a profit is realized, the commodity survives and the money moves on to the next transaction, increasing itself with each iteration.


In both cases the experts are rewarded  by the rest of us.  Is that reasonable, given the results?


“What do I care about the law.  Ain’t I got the power?”

                                 Cornelius Vanderbilt
The equations shown above have become almost hidden assumptions, the most powerful kind because we're hardly aware of them. Of course we're aware of their effects, and we argue about these:  nuclear power vs. nuclear weapons, or nuclear waste vs. fossil fuel waste; the excesses of capitalism vs. the material and technological benefits it has created.  Elsewhere I have written about the dangers of unchecked capitalism, summarizing: Our system of greed-benefits-all requires the reinvestment of ever larger capital sums in order to produce further profits to satisfy investors to keep it all going.  This results in ever larger projects which subsume more and more of our natural resources.  Even a pig is intelligent enough to foresee that this process will meet a natural end when no more resources are available.

The greatest danger in the assumptions now taken for granted is that they are self-perpetuating.  They are embedded not only in our minds but in our machines.   And what is the purpose of money that increases itself?  What about power for the sake of power?  The Victorious Equations are like bankers without borders, taking no notice of nations, governments, leaders or followers, distance or time.  Our instinct for survival is arguing with itself, having launched a process which ends in its own destruction.  Will it be a futile argument, like the one over the causes for climate change?  Perhaps an asteroid will end the arguments. 


Or will we end up like the sorcerer’s apprentice?