A desultory quest in search of "quant," a word which seemed to have made itself up out of nowhere, led to:








"A deep state of consciousness revealing a multidimensional quantum field as described in transpersonal psychology. A deep state of consciousness wherein one may experience unity with the divine singularity commonly known as God in the christian religion. Mystical experience.


I achieved great insight about personal healing while in a state of quantiousness."*



Shucks!  Bloody well . . . .

My favorite dictionary, a grand daddy Webster's, unabridged, sagacious and sere says:


            quant, n. [ME, quante, whante, a pole, a stick, a rod.]  A pole: specifically, a bargeman's pole with a flat cap to prevent its penetrating the mud; also a

            jumping pole, similarly fitted, used in soft or boggy places; the cap

            of such a pole.


The word serves other purposes.  It is also used to describe mathematicians --? employed by Wall Street firms (with an undertone of "grunt?").  At any rate, the surprise was that a word seemingly up for grabs had already been corralled, and not just on The Lone Star Ranch.  Go to urbandictionary.com* to see the incredible proliferation.


There is a magnetic tug, which no dictionary can explain, that pulls in pretenders such as quaint, quin



of etymology

Egyptian tombs

secrets of the living dead

all buried in everyday banter

taken for granted without examination






the whole salad is tossed single handedly

 (and the sound . . .?)


a car passing in the night

(clippity clump)

 ghost of railroads past


our ancestors

of incalculable age

are here now


we ride






Dear parents, thank you for the ride.  


Taking it further:  The quants are with us!


Not stopping anywhere:  Shimmering roof tops, the summer knows, are gatherings of tile, shingles, scattered words, pointillistic bits of fire cracking laughter just out of reach.


No denizen of Wall Street wields a whante, yet those quantum mechanics have stolen fire from physicists.  And their sycophants have followed suit, hacking a distinguished forefather:



(according to Webster's II):


[Lat., neuter of quantus, how great]

1.  A quantity or amount.

2. A specified portion.

3.  Something that can be measured or counted.

4.  Physics.

a.  an indivisible unit of energy, equal for radiation of frequency v to the product hv, where h is Plank's constant.

b.  The particle mediating a specific type of fundamental interaction.







yes, yes and now

f    u   r  t h er:


the specifics which can be measured

roof tops, scattered words, units of energy, beliefs, and their derivatives

are entities of mind:



stay with them

and die on Wall Street


Quantiousness, indeed!


the hollowness of everyday reality

that fly on the windowsill

gossamer wings

shimmering tiles

and suddenly

the wind blows through the room


if you are old enough to read this

why aren't you doing something else?


still here?


pretend the ancients already had

their validation stamp

and said:

I yam what I yam

and what I yam is all what I yam


and you ancients --

aren't you already laughing?