†††† I WROTE:


Hi Sis --


Since you asked, the Cabana Club is a commercial establishment located on the corner of Benton & Wood Duck, in the midst of our residential neighborhood.I do not know the history of how it achieved its unique position.It was already there in 1983, when I arrived. At that time there were fewer cars, fewer houses, fewer everything.It seemed almost a losing proposition.There wasn't much traffic on the Expressway, which lived up to its name then.It was almost like living on [†† ] Street in our Victorian mansion, when we'd rush to the front porch to view a car passing by.And there were actually periods of silence.


The fundamentals of capitalism have pervaded the world, transforming it into one big market.The requirement for turning a profit has turned everything and everyone, in the eyes of the owners, into a commodity,.Along the way amazing achievements have been obtained in productivity, so there are more cars to carry the increased population that is now fed with the amazing increase in food presently available.The owners crow:"We have raised all the boats, as you requested."


We are, most of us, richer than we were, fatter, rushed, and stressed out.The owners and their bankers chuckle, because they have raked in most of the increase in wealth which, if you compare the increases seen by the rest of us, is enormous. The bankers, most of all, are the happiest.They have supplied the credit necessary for the huge capital outlays required.


The bankers like to see more people and houses and cars, more swimmers competing at the Cabana Club.Every time money moves, they get a cut -- interest on the money they have provided.Governments also profit from the increase in tax revenue.It all seems like endless fun and games.


There will always be new markets.We should, we are told, ignore the inequities.The fat cats at Goldman Sachs who robbed us are due their increased bonuses because they are valuable players on the corporate field of dreams.I should be grateful our streets get clogged with Cabana Clubbers because, well, just look at all the produce available at Safeway, how cheap it is.


Clearly, it will not be endless.As you know, I'm trying to grow my own food.The relentless, monomaniacal pursuit of profit has gutted our soil, fouled our air, changed our weather so that even growing my own food is a dubious proposition.And now even the bankers are worried.Will Greece default?Will the US?How will they collect on their loans when credit is frozen in a glut of fear, when fiat money loses its fiat?


My tomatoes be damned, the owners want their profits. House, food, clothes and car can all be damned!Our so-called leader, acting as though it matters to him whether or not the Treasury bubble bursts, has predicted that Social Security checks will not get out, might not be mailed, if the play being acted out between Democrats and Republicans does not end as a comedy rather than a tragedy.


Itís all political theatre.But does it matter?Either way, guess who pays?State dinners will be opulent even if the food being served is the last available. The Presidential helicopter will fly, regardless, as throughout history the owners, leaders and rulers have continued their comforts.

But I digress. Surely, wasn't it the Cabana Club we were talking about?Yes, that's it --people who have been led to believe their Sunday fun and games have no repercussion.


Ask me if I believe.